Psychic Dreaming | About Carly
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About Carly

About Me

As stated on my home page I have read tarot intuitively since the age of thirteen.  Since then I have studied Melchizadek Method to level 3 as well as Level 2 Reiki so I also offer absent reiki.  I have also spent time in India with my guru and am able to practice Agni Hotra an ancient vedic ritual which harvest the prana or life force or chi.  I have also studied Feng shui, crystal healing and crystal light balancing.  I feel most accomplished with my tarot readings and this is where I am most gifted and choose to use this ability as my gift to the world. Now offering Online Psychic Reading Service Melbourne as well as Phone Readings Melbourne or Face to face Tarot Reading in Melbourne, whichever best suits you.


By agreeing to use the services of Carly Morrison you agree that you have read and understand all the information is subject to the clients interpretation.  Carly Morrison will not be held responsible for any interpretations or decisions made by clients based on information given during readings.  These readings are for entertainment purposes only.  All information or advice given to you by Carly Morrison should not take place of any medical, legal or financial advice given to you by any qualified professional.  All readings by Carly Morrison are not substitute for medical, legal or financial advice.  You must be 18years of age to use this service or have written consent from a Parent or Legal Guardian.Phone Readings Melbourne or Face to face Tarot Reading in Melbourne, whichever best suits you.

My History

I began reading tarot intuitively for friends and family from the age of thirteen.  At sixteen years of age I read at my first Psychic Fair in Queensland and have read at many more since then.  I have also read at various new age stores throughout Melbourne. My readings are available to purchase through my website either to be given online or via phone throughout all days of the week.