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My Services

Reiki In Person or Sent Absently

A full hour of absent Reiki to revitalise, rejuvenate and heal yourself or send to someone special as a gift.  In person at Sacred Sanctuary Wellness Temple on saturdays and sundays. Or sent absently with feedback given to the client after the completion of their reiki session. Feel free to either email or phone to book 0422463746

For 30 min reiki in person $70

For 60 min reiki in person $100

Reiki & Theta combined session

Reiki is an energetic healing modality which revitalizes and balances the chakras and theta clears negative and limiting belief patterns and replaces with positive belief patterns. As our thoughts create our reality the more positive we think the more positive experiences we attract and bring into our life.

For 1 hour Reiki Combined $145

Tarot Reading Service in Melbourne

Full hour Tarot Reading plus pendulum dowsing to provide insights. Please contact me via email or phone to arrange an agreed time for your reading either via skype or over the phone. Or a face to face reading on Saturdays or Sundays. Feel free to phone me on 0422 463 746.

For 30 min reading $80

For 60 min tarot reading $140

Tarot Party Service in Melbourne

Hire me for your parties to enjoy a night of insights and fortunetelling fun.

For 1 Hour tarot Party $100

My Services and Experiences